The Network connects

Graphic arts live! This is shown by the many active artists, workshops, collectors and exhibitions in Münsterland and the neighboring Netherlands.

The Graphic Arts Network provides a platform for the exchange of graphic arts enthusiasts – across borders and at eye level. Nothing brings art more forward than a lively community!

Anyone with a passion for printmaking art like ours can join in. So join now! The network is not limited to participants from the region. We grow with our members!

For more than 30 years, the German-Dutch Graphic Arts Fair in Borken serves as an annual meeting. It is the perfect opportunity to present, view and of course for personal exchange.

The founders of the network are also the organizers of the Graphic Arts Fair: the City of Borken, the District of Borken, and our partners: the Grafiekplatform VOG (NL) and the Kloster Bentlage GmbH with the Druckvereinigung Bentlage e.V.